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Saltic Bongo(2017)

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A climbing shoe with versatile technical orientation, an asymmetrical lacing on the outer side of the shoe ensures a maximum feeling in the toe area. An independent solution of the fastening sling enables a progressive connection of the foot sole with the heel. Through precisely situated perforation, uniform distribution of forces is attained, which eliminates the disagreeable pressure on the heel-seat hook. Synthetic material gives the shoe its light weight character and a considerable comfort.


Technical features

  • Outer material: MICROFIBER
  • Midsole: EVOLUTION®
  • Outer sole: EXTASY® 3,7 MM OR VIBRAM X S
  • Weight: Paar kaalub 360 g
  • Type of rubber: Extasy® 3,7 mm


Jaama 12
Bongo 38 -
Bongo 38,5 -
Bongo 42,5 available