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Victor 32 Super Inside Wave

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The Victor Super Inside Wave 32 Badminton Racket is designed for attacking strikers with an offensive game style. The very stiff shaft coupled with the top specification string, long body design and Inside Wave technology produce an ultimate power racket.

The ultra high modulus frame and well balanced feel offer you a complete racket that suits an attacking style. The stiff flex and Ashaway string ensure you transfer the power to the shuttle to get the hardest shots possible, making it perfect for the attack minded player.

Victor Super Inside Wave 32 Badminton Racket Key Features

Badminton Racket Head Shape: Isometric for enlarged sweet spot hitting and better control
Racket Weight: 88g
Racket Composition: Ultra High modulus graphite for torsional stiffness and total feel
Flexibility: Very Stiff for players with fast natural arm speeds and power
Strung with Ashaway Microlegend XL String,
Includes full length matching racket cover

Technical features

Material Ultra High modulus graphite
Weight 88 g