OCUN Webee Move

The Ocun WeBee Move Harness is a lightweight 3-buckle harness that combines the comfort of a moveable hip pad with ease, breathability and wearability.


  • Provides much need ventilation for those hot, sweaty and sticky days!
  • Unisex - suitable for both male and female climbers
  • Suitable for: indoor and outdoor climbing
  • Washable, easy to maintain
  • System of movable waist padding
  • Adjustable leg loops
  • 4 gear loops

Technical features

  • Weight: 425 g
  • Gear loops: 4
  • Certificates: EN 12277 typ C
  • Waist circumference: XS–M: 60–90, M–XL: 75–105 cm
  • Leg circumference: XS–M: 45–65, M–XL: 55–72 cm
59,95 €
Jaama 12
Webee Move M-XL ronimisvöö available
Webee Move XS-M ronimisvöö available