Victor Thruster K 8000

Victor Thruster K 8000 has catapult structure frame enforcement technology, which helps enhancing the smashing potential and power of each shot. The hard-cored technology enhances the durability of the racquet and helps provide players with a tool to practice faster smash hits. The isometric shape of the frame enhances better movement and precise swings. With a 76-hole stringing pattern and VS 850 String structure, it has tension of 28 lbs. The power box technology, effectively increases the stability and tolerates higher string tension. The weight of this badminton racquet is 94 grams and falls under medium weight category. The nano technology helps in reducing the distortion of the frame.


Technical features

  • Article-No.: 137/8/0
  • Series: Thruster K
  • Weight: 88 g
  • Headshape: Isometric
  • Shaft: Ultra High Modulus Graphite - Nano Fortify, 7.0 shaft
  • Head: Multi-layer Graphene + Nano Resin
  • Grip size: G3 = G4
  • Stiffness: S○○●○○F
  • Balance: HH○●○○○HL
  • Max. String Ten: 13kg
  • Strings: VS 850 Nano white
  • Length: 674 mm
  • Holes: 76
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