Opinel N°12 Saw

Perfect for your garden, this tool is also useful during outdoor activities, it turns out to be very handy and efficient.
The N°18 Saw can cut branches up to 8 cm in diameter.

NB - Blister variant is in plastic package. Ideal for gifting


  • Carbon steel blade with anti-corrosion coating guaranteeing both excellent cutting quality and protection against corrosion.
  • Two rows of razor-sharp teeth turned towards the handle. Effortless cutting achieved simply by puling.
  • Virobloc safety ring.

Technical features

  • Blade: Carbon steel
  • Blade length: 12 cm
  • Handle: Beech
26,00 €
Jaama 12
Blister saw N°12 3123840006586 available
Saw Knife N°12 available