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Advanced Lighting Systems SLM351R

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350lm rechargeable LED slim light.

Compact and ultra-slim design makes slim light series comfortable to carry in the pocket, ready at hand for daily inspection tasks. Owing to the aluminum housing, three light features include heavy duty, anti-corrosion and good heat dissipation

Technical features

Waterproofness IP54
Weight 120 g
LED COB/high power LED
Lumens 30-350lm
Battery 3.7V 1500mAh Li-poly
Inputs 5V 1.5A
Working duration 2-20h, 3.5h h
Measurements 44 x 24 x 116 mm
Charging time 2-3h


Jaama 12
Töövalgusti 350lm LED, eriti kompaktne, laetav, reguleeritav 10-100%, IP54 available