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MORAKNIV Survival Kit for Kansbol/Garberg

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This is a multifunctional kit for the Morakniv Kansbol or Morakniv Garberg. Designed to maximise the use of the knife in different situations, the Morakniv Survival Kit is ideal for the hunter and adventurer.

This multifunctional kit is mounted on the knife sheath and is equipped with an integrated fire starter, diamond sharpener and reflective paracord. The integrated fire starter is always ready when you need to light a campfire. Use the integrated diamond sharpener to re-sharpen the blade after heavy use. Take care of your knife and it will last even longer.

Technical features

Article-No. 13911
Material Polypropene
Weight 40,1 g


Jaama 12
Süütepulga komplekt Morakniv Kansbol/Garberg nugad available