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M-Tac Pas Double Duty Tactical Belt Hex

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When developing the Double Duty Tactical Belt, M-Tac brand specialists took into account the needs of fans of functional tactical belts. A nice bonus for you this belt is that it is reversible. By turning the buckle to the other side, you can get a belt of a different color (coyote or black). The M-Tac Double Duty Tactical Belt is designed for continuous and long term use. The belt consists of two strong nylon bands, stitched together with a strong thread. The density of the material allows you to carry holsters and pouches on the belt. The belt is fixed to the waist with an multi-purpose buckle made of durable polymer.

Technical features

Material Nylon, Buckle Material: Polyamide


  • Sizes: S - 105 / M - 115 / L - 122 / XL - 129
  • Width: 40mm
  • Buckle tensile strength: 170 kg


Jaama 12
size/color: L/coyote available
size/color: L/olive/black available
size/color: M/olive/black available
Lasnamäe 4c
size/color: M/olive/black available