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Nordic Pocket Saw Multitool 13

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This multi-tool includes 13 functions and is suitable for outdoor and daily life situations. It is made of 440 and 420 stainless steel and has a compact design, making it suitable for a variety of activities such as camping, hunting, fishing and for everyday use.

The tool features a knife with a sheepsfoot blade, which is suitable for clean cutting on flat surfaces, and a serrated knife for cutting ropes and nylon cords. In addition, it includes two flat screwdrivers (3 mm and 5 mm wide), a PH1 screwdriver, a can opener, a bottle opener, pliers with a wire-cutter function, scissors, and a nylon cord cutter. The saw blade has been equipped with extra sharp and long teeth for cutting through both fresh and dry wood. The locking mechanism on all tools, excluding the pliers, provides added safety during use.

The multi-tool is designed for operation and opening of tools with one hand. It measures 108 mm (4 ¼ inch) x 38 mm (1 ½ inch) x 18 mm (3/4 inch) when folded and has a total weight of 249 grams, making it portable and convenient to carry. It comes with a sturdy nylon hard case that can be attached to a belt for easy access to the tools when needed.


1. Regular pliers with needle nose pliers
2. Replacable wire cutters
3. Knife
4. Serrated knife
5. Saw
7. Screwdriver PH1
8. Needle with hole for thread
9. Nylon cord cutter
10. Bottle opener
11. Can opener
12. Flat screwdriver 3 mm
13. Flat screwdriver 5 mm

Technical features

Material 440 and 420 Stainless Steel, Nylon
Weight 249 g
Size 108 x 38 x 18 mm cm


  • Tools are accessible with one hand
  • Tool lock mechanism for added safety
  • Made of stainless steel
  • Case can be worn on belt
  • Replaceable wire cutters
  • 13 different tools
  • Sturdy walls on hard case simplify tool insertion/removal without getting stuck


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