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Pieps Shovel Pro

63,00 €
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The shovel Pieps Shovel Pro is the ideal tool for professionals guides. It analyzes the quality of the snow and build bivouacs.

Technical features

Article-No. 109778
Material Aluminum
Weight 705 g
Length 49 - 71 cm


  • Ergonomic shape
  • Weight as light as possible and extreme solidity of aluminum alloy parson and his special coating
  • The shovel holds its own place in the bag security pocket backpack PIEPS
  • Oval handle with a T-handle to not having to turn the wrist while digging
  • Anti-slip coating for better grip
  • Connection handle / bucket shovel: quick release without pressing the push-buttons
  • Special coating with anti-slip area
  • Sharp edges of the excavator facilitate cutting of hard snow
  • Four holes to build a makeshift stretcher


Jaama 12
PIEPS Schaufel PRO available