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Rock Pillars ZION

Clothes and shoes are only available at the store 49,00 €
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The secret weapon of the Rock Pillars laboratory. This is exactly what all climbers have been waiting for. Zion shoes combine the ultimate in anatomical last comfort with the best technical performance of the new Vibram rubber. Exceptionally thought-out heel: fits the leg tightly, perfectly fixed, the elastic insert made of genuine leather follows the shape of the bend of the leg, protects the Achilles tendon. New lacing (frequent on the toe, hereinafter - loose) allows you to precisely adjust the fit of the shoes on the foot under any climbing conditions. Rare lacing in the main part of the shoes will allow you to quickly and easily take off and put on your shoes. The new GRIPPIN'® rubber is the development of the Vibram® laboratory. A special insert made of Cordura for torsional rigidity of the shoes will make you not afraid of injuries. All the best in climbing shoes today is in the Zion! Your rivals will be defeated!


Technical features

  • Lining:
  • Weight: Suurus 41 - 445 g
  • Climbing level:
  • Upper material:
  • Type of rubber: 4mm Grippin
  • Feet Size: 3 - 13 UK
  • Colour:


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