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Pinguin Outdoor Towel XS

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Travel towel Pinguin Towel - lightweight, quick-drying towel made of ultra-thin microfiber. Also, the towel has unique antibacterial properties.
The presence of the bag-case: supplied.
The Pinguin logo is a guarantee of the high quality of all products. By purchasing products Pinguin, you get a reliable thing that will be useful to you and in heavy hikes, and in urban environments.

Technical features

Material Ultra-fine microfiber 85%, Polyester 15% Nylon
Weight 36 g


  • Feels great against skin
  • Dries quickly
  • Stored in a small, compact bag


Jaama 12
Outdoor Towel XS blue 40x40 available
Outdoor Towel XS green 40x40 available
Outdoor Towel XS l.grey 40x40 available
Outdoor Towel XS orange 40x40 available