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Pinguin Table L

75,00 €
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A light and very comfortable camping table for four people.
The frame consists of durable aluminum tubes, thanks to which the table can be maximally loaded by 30 kg. By the way, one of the legs has an adjusting screw. With it, you can install the model on uneven terrain.The table top is made of U-shaped aluminum profile and has an additional stiffener. When folded, the Pinguin Table L tourist table takes up little space and fits easily in the trunk of any car. It will be a great addition for summer cottage, outdoor recreation or camping
Table L is an excellent choice for camping, summer cottage, picnic. The folding model goes on sale in a convenient for carrying (on the shoulder or arm) case. There is a place for transportation in the trunk of any car, even in a small car.
The installation of the table top is also extremely simple: place the three guides, unfold and fix the working surfaces on the latches. It should be noted that all corners are rounded. A family or company will comfortably seat at such a table with a black matte finish.
The model can withstand heavy loads, durable, easy to clean.


  • Foldable legs
  • Made of light aliminium
  • Safe corners
  • Height regulations on one of the legs

Technical features

  • Material: Aluminum tube ⌀16mm
  • Weight: 5,05 kg
  • Size: 110x70x70 cm
  • Maximum: 30 kg.


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Pinguin Table L laud available
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Pinguin Table L laud available