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Lizard Leaf Evo Man H15

82,00 €
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Leaf Evo Man H15 from Lizard is booth flexible, breathable and comfortable. Perfekt for active people, take them for an urban walk or go hiking in the forest. Its lightweight design makes it great for travelling. Soft and packable, Leaf can squeeze into your luggage or into your backpack taking next to zero space.


  • Rugged, tenacious, and innovative, Lizard Footwear was born in 1992 in the Dolomite Mountains of Northern Italy. Worn and tested by world-class outdoor athletes, the line features authentic outdoor sandals, shoes, boots and more. Lightweight design, unbeatable grip, maximum comfort, and compactness are among the features that guide the designers and developers to create footwear for every need – exploring the outdoors, traveling or in the city. Lizard are consistently searching for new ideas to design shoes and sandals that they would all like to wear every day.

Technical features

  • Material: Leather and synthetic materials.
  • Insole: Antibakteriaalne sisetald.
  • Outer sole: Protective XL EXTARALIGHT® outsole.
  • Weight: Size 41 weighs 180 g
  • Feet Size: 41-46
  • Sex: For men
  • Colour: Blue, gray


Jaama 12
size/color: 40/blue available
size/color: 41/blue available
size/color: 42/blue available
size/color: 44/blue available
size/color: 45/blue -
size/color: 46/blue available
size/color: 41/dark grey available
size/color: 40/grey -
size/color: 41/grey available
size/color: 42/grey -
size/color: 44/grey available
size/color: 45/grey available
size/color: 46/grey available