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Millet EASY UP

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Climbing shoe for men, designed for the beginner and built to accomodate indoor and outdoor climbing. This climbing shoe offers comfort and resistance with a polyester knit upper, seamless overlays, a soft wrap around tongue and 4Points Grip™ sole. It is tough and will support regular use and washes. With its graphic urban vibe, the EASY UP is a very accessible model for novice climbers, indoors and out. It's soled with 4POINTS™ GRIP rubber, MILLET's long-used compound, for the best grip-to-durability ratio. Ideal for honing your sensations in the vertical dimension, it has an ergonomic symmetrical base and a generous heel, in a fairly supple design that optimizes comfort of use. The streamlined toebox delivers the precision beginners need, but also squash-free comfort for the toes. For a smooth learning curve, they are very wash-friendly, with a polycotton upper (no leather guaranteed) that's very robust.


  • Straight shape, pointed toe. Slim, fluid fit.
  • Polycotton upper with hemp lining for comfort.
  • Double velcro closure.
  • Durable 4PointsGripDurable™ rubber.

Technical features

  • Article-No.: MIG1350
  • Outer material: Syntetic Polycoton
  • Lining: Natural hemp
  • Outer sole: 4PointsGrip™ 4,5 мм
  • Lacing: Velcro
  • Weight: 210 g
  • Sex: Men


Jaama 12
size/color: 10/green moss available
size/color: 11,5/green moss -
size/color: 12/green moss available
size/color: 12,5/green moss -
size/color: 10/grey/red available
size/color: 7/grey/red available
size/color: 7,5/grey/red -
size/color: 8/grey/red -
size/color: 9,5/grey/red -