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Climbing Technology Snow Flex Semiautomatic

129,00 €
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10-point crampons designed for ski touring and progression on snow. The particular design of the points provides the crampons with great holding power over all types of snow.


  • Crampon design specifically to better fit the great variety of ski-touring boot shapes.
  • Anodized light-alloy frame with front points boasting large surface areas for improved frontal lift on snow.
  • Four downward-facing retaining points for the descents.
  • Heel binding with rear flaps to ensure seamless fit of the boots over the crampons, even in small sizes.
  • Flexible and adjustable linking bar, that allows for the use of the crampons also with non-rigid boots.
  • Rigid ANTIBOTTS secured with rivets.
  • Semiautomatic version for boots with rear welts crampon compatible.
  • Come with two rapid adjustment size bars.
  • Carry bag included.

Technical features

  • Weight: 590 g


Jaama 12
Snow Flex semiautomat.10p available