Climbing Technology Ice Traction Plus

Thirten-point anti-slip hiking crampons.


  • Provide extra grip on iced, snowy, grassy pathways or ice crossings on an alpine footpath.
  • Ideal when you really need some extra grip, but can’t justify crampons.
  • Fastening system made of elastic material that guarantees a tight and stable fit and this makes them suitable for any type of footwe- ar; the constant tension between the silicon band and the metal parts ensures a perfect grip with the anti-slip system on the sole of the footwear.
  • New stainless steel chains and points with joints and an anti-balling system.
  • Fastening Velcro sling complete of size indication.
  • Available in four sizes to fit shoes from EU size 35 to 48, the size is indicative and depends on the type of shoe/boot.
  • Storage bag included.

Technical features

  • Weight: S(35-37) 512 g, M(38-40) 524 g, L(41-43) 534 g, XL(44-47) 556 g
37,00 €
29,60 €
Jaama 12
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Ice Traction Plus Crampons M available
Ice Traction Plus Crampons S available
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