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Grangers Rubber Boot Care 150ml

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Have you ever noticed white marks on your rubber boots? Well this is called ‘blooming’ and something that rubber boots do naturally. Annoying isn’t it? Well it’s no longer a cause for alarm because you’ve now discovered the cure – Rubber Boot Care. This simple-to-use spray, removes the effects of blooming, meaning they’re a problem of the past.

The great thing is that this spray-on product not only resolves the problem of blooming, it also conditions and restores shine to all rubber footwear.

You may ask ‘Why do I need to treat my rubber boots?’ Well, in the same way that we wash our clothes in order to make them last, boots need TLC too! If you leave dirt on your rubber boots, then this will affect their performance and eventually mean they’re no longer up to protecting you against the elements.


  • Removes blooming
  • Revives the appearance of rubber boots
  • Conditions
  • Restores shine

Technical features

  • Volume: 150 ml


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Grangers Rubber Boot Care 150ml available