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BEZY mens long underpants, single-layer plain knitwear. The pants are made from the finest Merino Wool. Doesn´t smell even after prolonged
wearing. It is suitable for all sports. It is especially designed for conditions where you need light and breathable clothes that feel comfortable eventhough you perspire heavily. The flat seams enhance comfort. Clothes made of merino wool do not prick, because the wool fibers are significantly softer than ordinary wool.


Technical features

  • Material: 100% merino wool, 230g 18MC
  • Weight: 230 g
  • Sex: Men
54,00 €
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size/color: L/5757 sea green available
size/color: M/5757 sea green -
size/color: S/5757 sea green available
size/color: XL/5757 sea green -
size/color: XXL/5757 sea green -
size/color: M/6969 green -
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size/color: L/5757 sea green -