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Silva Compass Arc Jet 360

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Arc Jet 360 is a perfect choice when you are looking for a high-performance thumb compass with a rotatable housing. With this feature, you can use the Silva 1-2-3 system for easy navigation. This compass has all the high-end qualities that you need for fast navigation while running and comes in left and right versions depending on your preference.

The Arc-series is built on the Silva Jet 2.0 needle and a reworked capsule design. The new needle have been designed to provide the perfect balance between speed and stability and it has been tested by elite orienteers throughout the development process. The combination of the new capsule and the needle, give you a compass with world class performance in speed and settling time, transparency and unmatched needle stability.


  • Silva Jet 2.0 needle. Unmatched needle speed and settling time
  • Rotatable housing – use with SILVA 1-2-3 System
  • Arc wing design for extra support and stability
  • The baseplate design allows thumb contact with the map
  • Attachable thumb plate. Slide it on/off to the baseplate
  • Two thumb bands included – soft and firm
  • Attachable scale stickers: 1:15 k, 1:10 k, 1:7.5 k, 1:4 k
  • Friction element for improved friction against the map
  • Robust material that withstands tough treatment and conditions

Technical features

  • Article-No.: 37893
  • Material: Acrylic
  • Waterproofness: Waterproof
  • Measurements: 91x90,5x12 mm


Jaama 12
Silva Compass Arc Jet 360 Right available