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Gizzo Grill Full Set

199,00 € 159,20 €
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The Gizzo Full Set is the ultimate BBQ Grill for a grill lover!

Enjoy your outdoor adventures and feel the amazing grilling experience with the reliable Gizzo Grill. Why is it so good? You can cook the most mouth-watering grilled food for your friends and family without a fuss. This grill is as small as a laptop when folded, easy to store and carry around and can be set-up anywhere you like. What’s even better is that with the Gizzo Full Set you will have the necessary tools to start a grilling party at any place and any time.

Experience the perfect blend of quality, convenience and durability with this foldable outdoor grill to prepare gourmet-standard grilled food. This BBQ grill will last you for years as it is made from sturdy materials, that won’t rust away like most cheaply-made grills. The set-up? It will take you just under 2 minutes, so you can make the most of your outdoor activities. With the Gizzo Grill Full Set making divinely grilled burgers, steaks and veggies is easy-peasy.


Technical features

  • Weight: 12,4 kg
  • Size: 47 x 31 x 55 cm


Jaama 12
Gizzo Full Set available
Lasnamäe 4c
Gizzo Full Set available