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KATADYN BeFree Gravity 6L

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The sleek, foldable Katadyn BeFree Gravity 6L filtration system uses gravity to deliver fresh, clean water you can trust. At the heart of the BeFree Gravity 6L is the EZ-Clean Membrane™, which provides an extra fast flow rate of 2 liters per minute.


  • Water filtration without pumping thanks to a gravity filter
  • Hollow fiber filter (EZ-Clean Membrane™) with a flow rate of up to 2 liters per minute.
  • Reliably filters bacteria, cysts and sediments (pore size: 0.1 micron = 0.0001 mm)
  • Water level control through viewing window incl. scale in the water bag
  • Removable outlet hose to prevent contamination during filling
  • Carrying strap for easy transport and hanging on water station
  • Collapsible water bag and minimal weight
  • Cleaning of filter by swiveling or shaking
  • Also suitable for turbid water

Technical features

  • Weight: 263 g
  • Capacity: 6 L
  • Efficiency: 2 L/min
  • Measurements: 122 x 38 x 23 mm
  • Technology: Hollow Fiber filter 0.1 micron


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Katadyn BeFree Gravity Filter 6L blue available
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Katadyn BeFree Gravity Filter 6L blue available