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M-Tac Plastic Carabiner Grimloc

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The plastic carabiner is made of high-quality acetal - a thermoplastic polymer with a semi-crystalline structure. It is used to attach accessories, webbing belts, additional equipment, it is compatible with the MOLLE system. The new design of the carabiner without buttons improves the overall reliability and comfort of using the model when wearing gloves. The use of acetal also helps to increase wear resistance, improves the stiffness and dimensional stability of the product and makes it lighter.

Technical features

Material Plastic
Weight 10 g


  • It is solid and mechanically durable, resistant to shocks even at low temperatures
  • Slides well, is resistant to abrasion
  • Does not absorb moisture
  • Very easy to process
  • It is resistant to UV radiation
  • It is characterized by lightness


Jaama 12
color: coyote available
color: OD Green available