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M-Tac Tactical Pen TP-93 black

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The M-Tac tactical TP-93 pen is a very interesting model thanks to its new features. Unlike standard tactical pens, this pen is equipped with a mechanism that opens/closes the rod when you rotate the case. Also, the back of the pen is equipped with two sharp glass-breakers and a built-in flashlight.

When you look at the M-TAC tactical TP-93 pen, you can understand that a Kubotan served as its prototype. Kubotan is a non-lethal active defense weapon that looks like a keychain. It was invented by Kubota Takayuki, a grandmaster of martial arts from Japan. Its concept is simple – you can make point strikes in the attacker's vulnerable spots with it. The same concept is embedded in the tactical pen. The only difference is that you don’t have to carry it on the keys. It can always be at hand in your pocket and you can also write with it. It also has a ribbed surface for a tighter grip.

Technical features

Material Aircraft-grade aluminum
Weight 43 g
Energy 3 LR936 battery


  • Length: 157mm